Decontaminate Hunters Hill seeks to inform and engage the community in a campaign to remediate contamination remaining from the industrial history of the Hunters Hill municipality. The first priority of the campaign calls on the New South Wales Government to remediate the site of the old Radium Hill Company site on the northern bank of the Parramatta River in Nelson Parade.

The Government first promised to remediate this site over 40 years ago. The land is owned by Property NSW. The EPA declared the site significantly contaminated land in 2007. The EPA issued a compulsory Management Order requiring Property NSW to remediate the site in November 2014. Since then, approval of the remediation plan has been held up by the Department of Planning. Late last year, evidently dissatisfied with this lack of progress, the EPA ordered Property NSW to conduct a meeting with interested stakeholders (including over 500 households in the vicinity of the site) reporting on its progress in remediating the site.

Decontaminate Hunters Hill is convening a public meeting at the Hunters Hill Town Hall at 7 pm on Tuesday 20 February 2018 to call on the Government to remediate the site by no later than 31 December 2018. The meeting will also seek to grow the membership and supporter base for a newly formed environmental organisation with the primary purpose of protecting and enhancing the natural environment of the Hunters Hill municipality and the adjoining sections of the Parramatta and Lane Cove Rivers.

The Hunters Hill community is now determined to hold the State Government to account and ensure that it proceeds with the remediation that it first promised to carry out back in 1978 without any further delay. The meeting will also inform local residents ahead of the stakeholder reporting meeting which must be held by 16 March 2018.



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  1. Yes its about time that the unfulfilled promises of successive state governments were honoured and something gets done about this site. It is a huge blot on an otherwise remarkable landscape, made so much worse by the potential of ongoing health problems for current and future generations. Real health risks outweigh aesthetic upgrades to sports stadiums and should therefore attract the finances necessary to mitigate these risks by decontaminating this site.

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